About the Surreal Visionary & Jan Švankmajer

Little Otik (Otesánek)  deeply impressed me when I saw it in the class, I can never forget it. It is a surrealist film directed by  Jan Švankmajer, which is a well known director which is good at surreal visionary. The film tells an ordinary couple was eager to have a baby, however, they couldn’t have one. The husband use a tree root to make a most unsual baby. Once the man took it to their home, they treat the ‘root baby’ as a real baby.

This film is a standard surreal visionary art film.It is has a  exaggrate sound through the whole film, and this is a symbol of  Jan Švankmajer’s film. These can be seen in the other movies such as Alice, Faust which I watched on the YouTube.Though it is the first time to watch his film, I like it very much. It is not just because he is a famous director but the way how to make the film in a different way. The surreal animation demonstrate things that over people’s imaginations or things people cannnot do in the ordinary life. However, in his films ,he created special ways to deliver his spirit, and also deliver the human beings spirit. The films reflect some respects of the society and the weekness of humans. 


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