My artefact! Spectacle in the Kitchen

Spectacle means a special or interesting display or scene, it can be recorded in many ways, such as photos and videos.  Spectacle displays things in specific ways, the power of the spectacle may be unlimited by the. These scenes can be man-made or natural things. I choose these pictures as my artifact because dumpling can be seen as one symbol of China, like the Pizza in Rome. It is not only a type of food, but also stands for a culture. As the oversea students in the UK, we made the dumplings by ourselves has a special meaning.  As a result, I’d like to choose these pictures which I’ve taken few days ago to display my understanding of ‘spectacle’.  The theme of my artifact is the process of making dumplings.

This picture aims to show the starting. So, I gave a close-up shot of the flour! It is the necessary material!




These pictures are close-up shot. I planned to make a video to show the progress, but I finally choose to take photos, because if I make a video, the frames passed quickly, if I stay the frame on how to mix the flour with eggs and water, so boring! You will never want to continue watching it anymore. However, pictures can freeze-frame, and they can make audiences to concentrate on them. Pictures delivery the spirit of this spectale.

Comparing with the national food such as pie, pizza, they have different flavors, cheese, pineapple, cranberries. The dumping has different fillings with pork mince mix with cabbage, beef mince with celery, mushroom with spawn.

These three photos show the process of making the material together. Maybe little bit boring, but what I what to express is that: A good film beyond life, but always comes from daily life. These spectacles are common to see, but once you change your sight of view, you discover it has some features that you have not discovered yet.


Actually, the two pictures could be staged to make sure the details can be seen clearly, but I snapped in order to be natural.



To make the dumpling in its shape is the most important stage. This picture is staged.

The two pictures show the dumplings before boiled and being boiled. Put them together on the desk. Making dumplings like doing things in our daily life, after the process, we see the achievement, but sometimes, the achievement in our life cannot be seen.

P.S. This is my first artifact, I use a lot of close-up shot to express my opinion. There’re many things to be improved, for example, I can take some western food photos, to compare.

Making dumpling is just a point, I should make it to a scale. That inspire me to think more!









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