About Train of Freedom

This is a feature documentary which records some train conductors career life. It also record the way that the train reconcile the different regions because the war was taken in that area. When I watched that movie, I paid much attention on people. People in the film just talk to camera, it seems like they talk to the audiences, chat with a friend what was happening in their life, what they were used to do and what they are going to do. The conductors talked the changes in their career life. Some thing changed due to the war.

I like this way of recording. Documentary tells the truth, these things in the film really happened in our daily life. I like documentary,

There are two scenes impressed me deeply in this film. At the beginning, the train came in a fog, at the end, the train run through the tunnel. Coming and leaving makes the contrast. But the director chooses a 21 years old man took us on the train. This doesn’t make people feeling boring to watch the documentary. It is worth for me to learn.

Watching many films is really helpful for editing your own film. That can inspires you much. It teaches you how to gathering things together .Carina Correa said.

Watching films is a big project. Not only concern about the plot, but the way it shows and editing.



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