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Artefact 3 Power of Water

For the third artifact, I finally decided to use the video format.

Do the digital editing is a good way to learn things. After practices of the artifact two, I’ve learned the basic things of how to make the documentary (actually, it was an interview). The sound, light, cutaways, etc. I did watch some videos and search information and finally choose scenes which recorded in my video to illustrate the theme: power of water. The common scenes directly reflect importance of water. For example: the raindrop, drinking water, kitchen use water, man-made waterfall as a sight and also the physical character, the pull of water. These scenes are symbolization.

Water exists everywhere in our daily life. When we wake up in the morning, we need to wash face, brush teeth and drink water. When we cook meals, we use water vegetables and after eating, we use water to clean dishes…

It seems that water is so common to see. Just think how can we live without water? No rain to fall, no rivers, no lakes, no oceans. Human can live without food for 7 days but cannot without water for even 3-4days.

Such amazing power!

What I want to say is the sound of the video. I use voice-over and dub to show some of my ideas. Hope it could make the video easy to understand.


Ideas on Power 1


Power is an abstract idea. It is a general and widely concept. As an artefact, at first, the idea was power of advertising. I was inspired by the festival of Christmas. The Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries. To some degree, it has the same meaning as the Spring Festival in China. Christmas is coming in about one month. The advertising of Christmas appear early than the festival. Such as some post about promotion and discounts. I planned to take a series pictures of advertising to demonstrate the idea of power. But after I did some research, I found that take photos were not permitted in most shop and stores.

I considered about another idea, the power of water. Water is too common to see in our daily life. However, it is full of power! About 1.460petatonnes of water covers 71% of the earth surface. A human body requires about 1-8liters of water to avoid dehydration. What’s more, the original life comes in the sea, where the water exists. The importance of water was easily to see.

In my artefact, I will record some different scenesof water in life in order to show the theme of power.


Reflect on Memory

I use a documentary to demonstrate my understanding of memory on this artefact. I tried to make it like a cinema verite, so I put the story in straight forward.

These are something to reflect my artefact:


The story itself was very interesting, we always heard these things but it never happens in our daily life. I use a story telling way to describe the whole story, so it is easy for audiences to accept it.  The two scenes I’ve chosen are kitchen and the bedroom. When people watch this film would feel close to our life.

The items in the suitcase are private things which contain much of the owner’s memory. On ordinary condition, when the suitcase got loses, it is impossible to get back, so it brought the owner’s memory away. What they can do is just keep the things in their memory. It is a strange and interesting story which fits the theme of memory well.


When I was editing the film, the voice of the people is clear, but when I upload to the YouTube, I need to concentrate on what is he talking about because is sound is low. Next time I will use the boom mic to make it better. This was a interview, so it is important for audience can hear every word. As Karen told me, to make the film more visually, I need to do some research on it, such as how many suitcases get lost each day, how many people travel by plane each. Those are good suggestions to perfect my artefact. What’s more, keep the film naturally and do not make it polished is need to be improved.


As an audience when I saw this movie, first I will feel pity about that poor guy, then I will relate to myself. Are there any differences between me and the character? There is no doubt that I would tell my mother immediately. If I make a research about whether people would they told their family about the lost of suitcase. It must be interesting!


I watched a film 2046 before. It is about memory, the director use a special way to demonstrate it. I like this film, especially the music in that film is great!

Ideas on memory 2


This is a true story happened in my life. It is interesting and full of coincidence. When I first heard that, I can not believe it at all. In my opinion, it can only happen in the movies or TV shows. But it was truly happened.

It was happened tree months ago. My friend, July, who come from China. It took him few minutes to do the X-Ray at custom in the airport to get the health certificate. After that, he picked his luggage.

When he arrived the accommodation and about to open the suitcase, he unexpectedly found that his code of the suitcase was changed, he tried again and again, in the end, he used the original code to open the suitcase. But when he saw the inside of the suitcase, he was scared. Somebody took the wrong the same as his. The two luggages are totally the same. The same style, the same size, and the same color!

Inside of his suitcase were his clothes, bed sheet and things that prepared for his oversea study. To some degree, it is a case full of memories.

I interviewed him to do this documentary. He described situation and talked his sentiments.

Actually, there are two different memories in this documentary. One is his memory of his suitcase which was gone, the other is how his life went on without all his clothes when he arrive the UK.

Documentary was finished today, but bad luck! My computer was down when I upload the video to YouTube, what’s worse, it cannot work anymore! I can just put the video in the DVD to finish my homework.

Ideas on Memory 1

Ideas on Memory 1

I watched the film 2046directed by Karwai Wong, a famous Hong Kong director. It is a story about memory. The story happened in 1966, the story sets the future as the background and the history as its’ content. 2046 stands for a room number, however, nothing left except the memory. 2046 also stands a train to one year in the future, it is said that if people could catch the train, they can find their lost memories. 2046, is it a room number, an age, a train or just a series of number? There is no answer. There’s lots of imagination to the audience.

This is an artistic film, meanwhile, it has something related to my next theme of my artefact: memory. But what I want to do is to make a documentary. I were told that the artefact should has a theme, there must has a story behind it. The film 2046 inspired me that people has a special feeling of their lost things or memories. There is a interesting story happened on one of my friend. It happened on his way to the UK study. So I decided make a documentary to demonstrate this story and the theme of memory.

I studied the cinema verite weeks ago, I think this way of documentrary can be helpful, and it will be helpful for me to do my artefact.