Ideas on memory 2


This is a true story happened in my life. It is interesting and full of coincidence. When I first heard that, I can not believe it at all. In my opinion, it can only happen in the movies or TV shows. But it was truly happened.

It was happened tree months ago. My friend, July, who come from China. It took him few minutes to do the X-Ray at custom in the airport to get the health certificate. After that, he picked his luggage.

When he arrived the accommodation and about to open the suitcase, he unexpectedly found that his code of the suitcase was changed, he tried again and again, in the end, he used the original code to open the suitcase. But when he saw the inside of the suitcase, he was scared. Somebody took the wrong the same as his. The two luggages are totally the same. The same style, the same size, and the same color!

Inside of his suitcase were his clothes, bed sheet and things that prepared for his oversea study. To some degree, it is a case full of memories.

I interviewed him to do this documentary. He described situation and talked his sentiments.

Actually, there are two different memories in this documentary. One is his memory of his suitcase which was gone, the other is how his life went on without all his clothes when he arrive the UK.

Documentary was finished today, but bad luck! My computer was down when I upload the video to YouTube, what’s worse, it cannot work anymore! I can just put the video in the DVD to finish my homework.


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