Reflect on Memory

I use a documentary to demonstrate my understanding of memory on this artefact. I tried to make it like a cinema verite, so I put the story in straight forward.

These are something to reflect my artefact:


The story itself was very interesting, we always heard these things but it never happens in our daily life. I use a story telling way to describe the whole story, so it is easy for audiences to accept it.  The two scenes I’ve chosen are kitchen and the bedroom. When people watch this film would feel close to our life.

The items in the suitcase are private things which contain much of the owner’s memory. On ordinary condition, when the suitcase got loses, it is impossible to get back, so it brought the owner’s memory away. What they can do is just keep the things in their memory. It is a strange and interesting story which fits the theme of memory well.


When I was editing the film, the voice of the people is clear, but when I upload to the YouTube, I need to concentrate on what is he talking about because is sound is low. Next time I will use the boom mic to make it better. This was a interview, so it is important for audience can hear every word. As Karen told me, to make the film more visually, I need to do some research on it, such as how many suitcases get lost each day, how many people travel by plane each. Those are good suggestions to perfect my artefact. What’s more, keep the film naturally and do not make it polished is need to be improved.


As an audience when I saw this movie, first I will feel pity about that poor guy, then I will relate to myself. Are there any differences between me and the character? There is no doubt that I would tell my mother immediately. If I make a research about whether people would they told their family about the lost of suitcase. It must be interesting!


I watched a film 2046 before. It is about memory, the director use a special way to demonstrate it. I like this film, especially the music in that film is great!


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