Ideas on Power 1


Power is an abstract idea. It is a general and widely concept. As an artefact, at first, the idea was power of advertising. I was inspired by the festival of Christmas. The Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries. To some degree, it has the same meaning as the Spring Festival in China. Christmas is coming in about one month. The advertising of Christmas appear early than the festival. Such as some post about promotion and discounts. I planned to take a series pictures of advertising to demonstrate the idea of power. But after I did some research, I found that take photos were not permitted in most shop and stores.

I considered about another idea, the power of water. Water is too common to see in our daily life. However, it is full of power! About 1.460petatonnes of water covers 71% of the earth surface. A human body requires about 1-8liters of water to avoid dehydration. What’s more, the original life comes in the sea, where the water exists. The importance of water was easily to see.

In my artefact, I will record some different scenesof water in life in order to show the theme of power.



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