Artefact 3 Power of Water

For the third artifact, I finally decided to use the video format.

Do the digital editing is a good way to learn things. After practices of the artifact two, I’ve learned the basic things of how to make the documentary (actually, it was an interview). The sound, light, cutaways, etc. I did watch some videos and search information and finally choose scenes which recorded in my video to illustrate the theme: power of water. The common scenes directly reflect importance of water. For example: the raindrop, drinking water, kitchen use water, man-made waterfall as a sight and also the physical character, the pull of water. These scenes are symbolization.

Water exists everywhere in our daily life. When we wake up in the morning, we need to wash face, brush teeth and drink water. When we cook meals, we use water vegetables and after eating, we use water to clean dishes…

It seems that water is so common to see. Just think how can we live without water? No rain to fall, no rivers, no lakes, no oceans. Human can live without food for 7 days but cannot without water for even 3-4days.

Such amazing power!

What I want to say is the sound of the video. I use voice-over and dub to show some of my ideas. Hope it could make the video easy to understand.


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