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Spectacle Power Memory


Big circumstance is composed of specific spectacles. Spectacles can be treated from many different aspects. Take Beijing Olympic Games for example, the pictures below show three spectacles. As audiences, we may  foucus the scene of it’s opening and closing ceremonies, but sometimes, we ignore some important elements.

The Volunteer


The performers



Power & Memory

The dadge of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games


New Start

In Britain, Coventry, the weather changes frequently, sun shines in one minute, while, rain falls the next minute. Sometimes, the weather effect people’s mood,  as a new student here, what I can feel, is totally a  new start!

Start for a new environment full of challenges!

Though I recongnize, there are language and lecture gaps between me and the local students, ways of teaching are different in my own country and in the UK that makes me willing to do some work but unable. However, things can be changed by people who have the willing.

I trust myself, language is problem of time, I can do it, I can have a good start !

Hello world!

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