Ideas on Memory 1

Ideas on Memory 1

I watched the film 2046directed by Karwai Wong, a famous Hong Kong director. It is a story about memory. The story happened in 1966, the story sets the future as the background and the history as its’ content. 2046 stands for a room number, however, nothing left except the memory. 2046 also stands a train to one year in the future, it is said that if people could catch the train, they can find their lost memories. 2046, is it a room number, an age, a train or just a series of number? There is no answer. There’s lots of imagination to the audience.

This is an artistic film, meanwhile, it has something related to my next theme of my artefact: memory. But what I want to do is to make a documentary. I were told that the artefact should has a theme, there must has a story behind it. The film 2046 inspired me that people has a special feeling of their lost things or memories. There is a interesting story happened on one of my friend. It happened on his way to the UK study. So I decided make a documentary to demonstrate this story and the theme of memory.

I studied the cinema verite weeks ago, I think this way of documentrary can be helpful, and it will be helpful for me to do my artefact.



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